1000 Die in India Monsoon Floods

Over 1,000 now dead in India, so much for flood control in the recent Monsoon flooding. We know all about Monsoons in the United States, each year they wreck havoc in Arizona. Each year they get a little more intense? But why all the wacky weather from the hippie dippie weatherman? Well, there are many reasons, one is the urban heat from the paved city raising the surface temps more than 5-8 degrees over the already hot desert, a desert which is naturally prone to intense Monsoons. Last year near Mesa Arizona a couple of people died in the floods and many were rescued thanks to well trained and fast acting first responders and volunteers for the river water rescue teams.

As India continues to grow it is also exacerbating the weather for the same reasons. Pollution also helps to thicken the clouds similar to a cloud seeding event. Remember India is already over populated and naturally prone to such intensive storms simply due to the normal weather patters, geographical location and terrain. Last year we saw flooding in China, lots of flooding already this year China has lost 300 people to flooding, some say they can afford to lose a few with their 1.3 Billion Population.

The Monsoons in India were much more intense than those in Arizona. In the Bombay region they received 37 inches in 24 hours, can you even imagine that? That is like a Tsunami from the sky? Thirty-seven inches will almost float a sacred cow, for gosh sakes. The death toll at 1000 is huge and is expected to climb, worse will be the diseases from washed over sewage, polluted water and lack of food, power and transportation. Dead animals, sewage and the deceased humans are floating in the water as they decay, nowhere is safe to bury them, most of the land is submerged. Imagine this in the United States, where we think we have every thing under control with proper flood control districts? Thirty-seven inches is much more than most Hurricanes drop and in 24-hours that is insane. Perhaps the UN needs to send in teams to teach people how to swim, so they can leave the area when it floods like this?

Source by Lance Winslow

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