4 Ramifications From Systemic Racism

Anyone, who denies, there is systemic racism, in the United States, is refusing to accept reality, or not wanting, to address it, or do something about it! Whether, it relates to quality, safe housing conditions, better health care, equal education and educational opportunities, jobs/ employment/ pay, etc, every statistic indicates, there is a huge gap, and suffering, in our minority neighborhoods. Many believe the Electoral College, was originally created, at least, partly, as an attempt to minimize the impact, people – of – color, would have on Presidential elections, by only granting three – fifths, of a count, for these people, as compared, to their white counterparts. Although, the Civil War, supposedly, freed the slaves, it took, until the second half of the Twentieth Century, to grant them, the right, to use, the same public facilities, sit in the front of the bus, and reduce some of the most obvious, inequalities. Statistics today, indicate, minorities still do not receive equality, for the most part, in, either, housing, health care, education, and/ or, employment, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 ramification of systemic racism.

1. Morally, ethically wrong: The discussion should start, with the basic fact, and premise, this is both, morally, and ethically, wrong. Shouldn’t everyone, receive equal treatment, in terms of employment opportunities, quality education, availability and access, to quality health care, and treatment by police, and our judicial system? Do you really believe, there is no difference, in how, people, are treated, because of the color of their skin, etc?

2. There should be legal recourse: Simply, stating, racist behavior and actions, are illegal, but, without significant penalties, etc, is similar to having, stop signs, but not enforcing failure to adhere to them, and stopping, fully, and safely! If, offenders, believe, misdeeds, will simply receive, a slap on the wrists, or less, the challenge, becomes greater! While, everyone, should obey the law, shouldn’t this, include, not only protestors (who are exercising their Right to Assemble), but, also, any criminality, involving, either the police, and/ or, looters, and other criminals?

3. Creates civil unrest: If you don’t understand, most of the factors, which bring – on, protests, etc, you probably are not a minority member! The level of civil unrest, the nation is currently experiencing, is the culmination of years of systemic racism, and precipitated, by killings, and deaths, at the hands of police officers, whether intentional, or not. Put yourself in their place – wouldn’t you feel, discriminated, against?

4. Polarizes, instead of unifies!: What we need, today, perhaps, more than ever, is a leader, who, tries to put, United, back into the United States! Instead, the current occupant of the White House, continuously, articulates, a polarizing, rather than unifying message!

Wake up, America, because, if we don’t, sooner, rather than later, seek to significantly reduce, our level of systemic racism, this nation will soon, become unrecognizable! Demand better, now!

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