5 Important Reasons Science Matters For Public Health

The political discussion in the United States has actually come down to this! The President, publicly, shows his disdain for science and scientists, attacking them in speeches (both, public and private), and makes fun of his political opponent, because Biden says, he would pay keen attention to the scientists, and listen to their advice. While, he often has claimed to be a stable genius, and appears to believe, he’s consistently, the smartest person in the room, whether it relates to public health, the military, foreign policy, economic, domestic policies, etc, it has become, even – more, concerning, when he claims he deserves, an A+ or 10 out of 10, for his handling of this horrific pandemic, although, this nation, with under 5% of the world’s population, has experienced over 20% of the cases, and deaths, in the entire world. Science matters, data counts, and smart policy needs the input and expertise, offered, by quality, public health professionals/ experts. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly. consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 important reasons, expertise, and expert advice, is essential, to ensure, the best commitment to the public health, and safety.

1. Based on research, not on an opinion, etc: When President Trump proclaims, the pandemic is nearly finished/ over, we must remember, how often, he has stated so, before! From, proclaiming, no one is getting it, anymore, to, kids are safe from its effects, to endorsing under – examined, remedies, and cures, his opinions should be questioned! While, we all, would want, a vaccine, to be available, what good does that do, if the potential side – effects/ ramifications are ignored, or not, significantly explored! Shouldn’t we be concerned, when this individual, has proclaimed potentially dangerous remedies, such as bleach, lights, etc, and/ or, continues articulating messages, from fringe – groups, or based on conspiracy theories?

2. Consider ramifications/ side effects: There’s an important reason, there is a protocol, for testing any potential vaccine, drug, etc, before using them, broadly! Drug and vaccine manufacturers, generally, halt trials, as soon as they observe side effects, to ensure maximum safety. The reality is, no virus will work, if most of the public, is unwilling to take it, because they doubt, either, its effectiveness, or safety!

3. Enlightened, instead of stab – in – the – dark: Most believe, the United States policies, during this pandemic, have been, at – best, erratic and inconsistent! From Trump’s changing narrative, to his disputing the advice of professionals, such as wearing a mask, and using social spacing, what kind of example does that set?

4. Avoid making some serious mistakes: One of the main challenges, in handling a pandemic, is, no one has seen it, before, and there is no proven treatment, and/ or, approach, from the onset! However, public health professionals have the experience, and expertise, to realize, science matters, and data counts!

5. Facts instead of a feeling: Mike Bloomberg is famous for his use of the slogan/ motto, In G-d, we trust. All others bring data. Donald Trump appears, to believe, in, his, so – called, gut, and his superior intelligence. How often have we heard this President say, in one – way, or another, he knows more than the experts? The smartest policies come – from, understanding the facts, creating a quality, relevant, strategy, and proceeding, forward, using a well – considered, action plan!

We need to pay attention to those, with the most expertise, and experience, in order to handle any challenge, as effectively, as possible! Wake up, America, and demand wiser leadership, before it’s too late!


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