6 Common Sense Public Health – Oriented Behaviors

Doesn’t it seem, strange, in most cases, the same people, who vigorously, complain about/ oppose, certain common sense, public health, restrictions, created, because of this horrific pandemic, are, often, the individuals, who, because of their irresponsible behavior, and avoidance of assuming/ taking personal/ social responsibility, create a situation, where the conditions, and spread of the virus, become far worse/ severe? Since, the United States’ population represents, approximately, 4.5% of the world’s total numbers, one might expect, our infection and fatality rates, would approximate (or, even, be slightly better than), that percentage. However, rather, our rates are about 20% of the totals, instead. While, I understand, many feel a sense of fatigue, loneliness, etc, after, all this time, it still doesn’t make sense, to do, one’s part, to reduce the spread! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 common sense, public health – oriented behaviors, and why, we need most people, to put the overall health, and well – being, of the public, as a high priority.

1. Wear a mask: Why do some, make such a big deal, about, wearing a mask? After, all, most of us, look, at least, as good, or better, wearing one, than not! Public health experts tell us, if everyone wore a mask, these horrific numbers, would be reduced, perhaps, by, at least 95%, or better! Shouldn’t it make sense, for most people, to want to do this?

2. Avoid crowds: Although, I enjoy going out, to restaurants, theaters, and other events, as much, as anyone else, it makes no sense, to do so, if it risks health! Experts advise us, we must avoid crowds, and, especially, reduce many indoor activities, because, this virus is airborne, and, these activities, create greater risks! Use social spacing, and wearing a mask, to reduce the spread!

3. Social distancing: Airborne viruses spread via the air, and experts warn, can travel, at least six feet (although, some studies indicate, even further). Therefore, we must commit to social distancing, to protect, both, our own health, as well as that, of others! Wear a mask, and keep your distance!

4. Social responsibility: Wearing a mask, especially, protects, not only you, but should be considered, your social responsibility, to protect others! Unfortunately, many people, follow the example, of their leader, and when, President Trump, continues, to minimize the need to wear a face – covering, honor social spacing, and avoid crowds (holding several Superspreader events), his core supporters, follow the path of least resistance!

5. Policy instead of politics: Our national health policy should be directed by, and led, by experts, rather than a politician, who considers himself, a stable genius! We need to prioritize, quality policy and common sense, instead of politics!

6. Public health: Without a focus on addressing, and creating the finest, most relevant, science – oriented, public health plan, we risk, an expansion of, instead of reduction of, the infection, and fatality, numbers, from this pandemic! Let the experts guide our paths, not the politicians!

We must demand better, more focused, public health planning, which makes common sense, and follows the science! We can’t continue this type of irresponsible behavior!


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