A Guide for an LDS Missionary’s Girlfriend

Many missionaries that go out on missionaries have girlfriends that stay at home waiting anxiously for their return. The length of an LDS mission is two years and that is a long time. When your missionary leaves for his mission it is important for his girlfriend to continue to learn and grow, because the missionary will be experiencing a lot of growth (emotionally, spiritually and intellectually) while serving his mission. Here is a guide of what you can do while your missionary is gone.

-Go to college: take this time to get immersed in your studies and focus on your educational goals. School is a great place to enhance your knowledge and move toward the career of your choice. Being in college you will learn a lot about responsibility and by getting involved you can experience how fun college life can be as well.

-Socialize: just because your missionary is gone does not mean you have to stop socializing. You still want to go out with friends and meet new people. This will help you to stay connected with people and keep you from spending a lot of time alone. It is also okay to go on dates with other guys that ask you out. Your life doesn’t get put on pause while your missionary is gone.

-Work and save money: get a job and put some money away in savings. Avoid getting into debt. If you have plans of marrying your missionary when he gets home it is important to have some money put away into savings, especially since your missionary is spending these two years as a volunteer and has no income coming in.

-Support your missionary: write your missionary letters, since this is the only form of communication you are allowed. Make sure your letters are supportive and motivate him to continue to work hard as a missionary. You can also send him small packages and gifts; this is always something that missionaries enjoy getting. Let him know you miss him, but that you are so proud of the great work he is doing.

While your missionary is gone for two years do not put your life on hold. Go to school, hang out with your friends, get a job and put some money into savings. This is a great time for you to grow and develop as a person and move forward toward your potential. If you sit around waiting you will miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

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