A Napoleon Complex

In the days leading up to the January 6th Washington riots we have had a President who has demonstrated from day one a Napoleon Complex. Other infamous leaders of the past have had the same personality traits that have had devastating effects on humanity. Men like Hitler, Tamerlane, and even Napoleon himself all left lasting legacies of horror and carnage. Now, for the past four years the Trump Presidency is no equal footing of leaving a lasting legacy of horror and carnage.

A Napoleon complex has overtaken the personalities of many. The sheer delusions that occur have always led to their demise. In Trump’s case his delusions have prevented a reasoning to accept reality even in the face that reality may or may not be authentic. We have learned that history is riddled with misinformation, omissions and even distortions of facts and events. Today, as a nation we have adapted and are resolved in accepting the way things are.

When we look back on this period in history evidence may surface that facts reported during that period were filled with inconsistencies proving that those facts were actually incorrect. It is a sad commentary for the United States to have come to this point in time where a President whose own personality has morphed into a Napoleon Complex. And for a nation that once prided itself as the pinnacle of education and democracy. It is said that a democratic society can only succeed and flourish when there is a well educated and participating public. For the past 45 years the United States has failed in the education of it’s citizens. And, when education falters a nations regresses into a more totalitarian state as we have seen from the past four years of the Trump Administration.

It is in our founding that the will of an informed educated public ensures that democracy endures. But, when leaders whose insistence on subverting the will of the majority and institute a manipulation to overturn results that are contrary to one’s design it is up to more adamant supporters of the democratic process that have to reign in and squash the attack of our fundamental principles of the rule of law. Such as was the case on January 6th, 2020.

Now the task at hand is the ability of our newly elected leaders to try to put our house back in order. Rebuilding the basic founding principles of our republic. Liberty, Justice, Education and Morality have all suffered collateral damage at the hands of disingenuous policies and past leaders inability to rise to the duties in which they were elected to perform. For four years of Trump’s failings and his own absorption of that Napoleon Complex has created the most hostile environment within our own society. Can the Biden Administration heal the wounds that have only deepened from the past four years. We had better hope so but, it will take all of us to close those gapping wounds to pull this nation our of the abyss.

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