A Proposed Apology For You, Steven Smith and David Warner

Presuming Steven Smith and David Warner, as captain and vice-captain respectively, are those who are solely accountable for cheating, apart from Cameron Bancroft, this is a model apology they could make.

This is using the PeaceWise Seven ‘A’ Apology:

With our diabolical actions, we have hurt our team, our country, our fans. We have also hurt cricket. Because of our positions at the top of our beloved sport, our actions have affected potentially every single fan across the world. There is no corner of the cricketing globe that won’t be shocked about our actions.

Our actions, purely and simply, reflect that we were prepared to do anything to win. Yes, we were prepared to cheat. It does not matter in our mind what other players and countries have ever done as far as cheating is concerned. We accept that we have cheated. It is as simple as that.

We met together during a break in play and deliberately planned to act in a way that is against the rules of our great game. We conspired to do that. We worked out how we might not be detected. We believed we could get away with it, otherwise we would not have done it. We tampered with the ball and we should never have done it, let alone considered it. It was and always will be wrong.

We wish to acknowledge the vast pain we have caused so many millions of fans who are angry and disgusted. We acknowledge your hurt. You all deserve not to feel that way. We cannot imagine how it must feel, but we are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused you all.

Of course, we accept whatever consequences come our way, and we would like to add, that due to the stupidity of our actions, and the seriousness of our offence, we want you to know that we are choosing to retire from international cricket, effective immediately. This means this is our last Test match. We feel like we have disgraced our great game and ourselves so much, that we want you, the paying public, to decide whether or not, and when, we should play on. If you are silent and wish to accept our retirements, we respect that, and will move on with our lives, accepting the consequences of our actions.

Whenever we walk onto the field from now on, for our state and club teams, we promise that from now on we will be of exemplary behaviour, related to both respect for the rules and regard for the players. We will never do anything related to cheating ever again.

We recognise that we have no right to be forgiven for what we have done. But if you could find it in your hearts to forgive our reprehensible actions, we would be ever grateful. Our aim from this day forward is to do everything we can to redeem the trust we have lost.

We are so desperately sorry for what we have done, and for the premeditated thinking and gravely foolish decision that was made.


This is the sort of apology that I think all Australians are after, firstly, and the whole cricketing world, secondly. It is an apology that is needed.

What on earth were they thinking?

And we, the Australian cricketing public, want to know the whole sordid story.

Is there anything you, the reader, would add to make the apology better?

PS. As the author of this article, I want to say that I am a David Warner fan, that he was my favourite cricketer and has been since 2009 when he broke through into the National team, and Steve Smith wasn’t far behind him in my estimation. I myself would personally want them to play on, but I’m not sure how they can now.

Source by Steve Wickham

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