Adversity Brings Out The Best in Us

1. Good health is a Godly blessing. We all hope and pray that God blesses us and our family with good health. What happens when a person is not in good health and is suffering? There are two options:

(a) He aims to live a self-reliant life as far as possible, and accepts God’s will gracefully or

(b) He gets into depression as life is a drag for him, and he complains to God – ‘why me?’.

A classic case to learn from

2. Ms Arunima Sinha was a national level volley ball player in India, who looked forward to sports as a career. One day, while travelling in a train, she resisted a gang of robbers, who were trying to snatch her gold chain. They threw her down from a running train. Unfortunately another train was coming on opposite track, which ran over her. She survived, but had her left leg amputated below the knee. The incident could have smashed, a young girl’s dreams: a career, marriage plans and a homely life in future. But she refused to take the unfortunate happening, lying down. She planned to fight it and win over it.

3. She had two options: Live the rest of life as a dependent, or take a bold decision to live life normally and independently. She chose second option. She set a formidable goal for herself and worked hard to get it.

4. After 2 years, she was standing on top of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, with Indian flag. An incredible achievement, for a young female leg amputee, belonging to a middle class family, in a developing country! Thus, in spite of her adverse circumstances, she didn’t give in. She brought out the best in her. Now, top educational institutions in India invite her as a guest speaker to share her brave response to the tragedy, with others. Present Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi launched her book ‘Born Again On The Mountain’, on Dec 12, 2014. She is a celebrity now and is likely to set up an institution to help such victims, to regain the will and confidence to live life fully.

5. What about the robbers, who could not be apprehended? They had escaped legal punishment. However, they will continue to live their degenerated life, with same mentality as long as they live. It is a Godly punishment, awarded to the culprits. The law is sure to catch up with them.

Was fighting for a gold chain worth it?

6. Now in the hindsight, it may look foolhardy to fight for a gold chain with robbers. We need to weigh the pros and cons; then analyse and decide, whether to give in or fight! Was the fight for a gold chain, worth it? Robbers had nothing more to lose in life. We should avoid arguing or fighting people, who have nothing to lose in life. A better strategy could have been to survive by giving the golden chain.

7. Notwithstanding, the adverse contingencies, we should all be mentally prepared to live a normal life. Ms Arunima Sinha has displayed her robust thinking to live a full life. Her motto is – ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

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