America Can Fight, Why Can’t India?

Another bomb blast and the capital city of India exploded this time. The hustle bustle of the markets turned into gory afternoons and the green grass of the children’s park became a red carpet. Just think, if India also starts remembering such bloody days of its history as black days with some or other names then without any doubt, all 365 days of the year would be listed in that category.

America faced one September 11 attack and that was enough for them to encourage them for a constant fight against terrorism. And I respect the American government for the tight measures taken against such ant-social elements. But, what can we say about India? People face 9/11 attacks on a weekly basis and still the government keeps on giving repetitive consolations. It seems so surprising that terror mails are sent to police offices before the blasts and then also the police remain inefficient. The political parties keep blaming each other for the blasts and the government shows grief by declaring some amount of money for the dead and the injured people. It’s not a matter of shame only for India but for the whole world that the greatest democracy suffering so badly. Does it show the inefficiency of the democratic form of government or the crowd of the greedy people who represent such government? Or, does it show the disinterestedness of the over 100 million Indian population with the highest number of colleges and universities to choose the right form of government?

We vote for the parties for which our ancestors have been voting with out applying our own sense of discretion. Do you ever think about the past history of those leaders who roam around you for your votes at the time of elections? And the foremost question, are we bound to vote for those representatives whom parties select for us? Can’t we select an educated and a more efficient person to rule over us?

The whole world would have seen the ministers of the Indian parliament buying and selling each other for millions of rupees in order to gain the maximum majority and rule over the nation. Think Indians, whose choice is that? Today, the nation is suffering because the terrorists are roaming free. Yes, everyone else suffers in such blasts except the parties and their representatives. So, it’s the time to think and review the past and refine our future to make our motherland a better place to live in.

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