Bharat Bandh – Was It A Solution Or Problem?

Pick every newspaper and you will find the news on the front page that today is bharat band. This bandh is done by the parties with the help of ‘Aam janta’ to stop inflation. Political parties who is doing this they think that inflation or increase in price is done by congress. I don’t know why these educated people are behaving in this way. They know that inflation is because of market forces like demand and supply and because of globalisation then why they are blaming congress. Is congress responsible for the demand and supply of the goods or is it increasing prices of the goods globally?

Everybody wants that inflation should be controlled because India is facing double digit inflation and it is not good rather it is bad. But this is not the way to manage it. Blaming is not the solution of anything. If really, you want to work for the country and you want to participate in the development of the country then a purposeful and fruitful step should be taken by everyone jointly.

Due to this bandh, public suffered a lot. Transport suffered a lot, shopkeepers suffered a lot, companies suffered a lot; in short you are doing it for public and your public suffered a lot just because of your step. This was a loss of India’s revenue, mental disturbance of public and side by side this will show that how Indian people are behaving because we are living in the era of globalisation so everything is transparent.

Political parties should keep it in mind that India is a combination of educated and illiterate people. And this is not the matter of politics. Situation is not like you can misguide or mislead the people by your sayings, people are calculative they know what is in favor of them and what is unfavourable. People think that this is solution for the problem. If this was the solution then everybody put your eyes to tomorrow’s newspapers and lets see what happens (Is price decreased or not?)

So please think again was it a solution or a problem?

Source by Usha Dabas

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