"Big Brother" TV Phenomenon – Lowering Society’s Values

The so-called television reality shows such as “Big Brother” are catering to those in our society who prefer to “dumb-down” their intelligence. And just look at the size of the audience that programs like this command.

This is actually very good news for those of us who detest trash like this. Why? With so many people committing themselves to this farcical nonsense it leaves a relatively small percentage who prefer to do something to improve their knowledge and intelligence.

While all the others are absorbed in the pathetic, crude and oftentimes vulgar behavior served up to us by the television moguls as “entertainment,” those of us who refuse to be duped can be doing so many other worthwhile things, such as:

  • reading a book,
  • watching an educational program like a documentary,
  • writing a letter or an article,
  • studying for exams,
  • engaging in meaningful conversation,
  • visiting a relative or friend,
  • seeking information on the internet,
  • attending an evening sports meet,
  • going out for a meal,
  • practicing a musical instrument,
  • playing a board game.
  • Any of the above are far more worthy pursuits than watching a bunch of talentless miscreants engaging in voyeuristic gutter behavior.

    In case, I haven’t made myself clear – yes, I DETEST moronic television chaff like “Big Brother.” There are many other similar asinine television offerings but BB, as it is so affectionately referred to, in my opinion, is the most insidious. It is almost like a template for ratbag behavior – something that the world certainly does not need!

    As far as entertainment value goes BB is about as puerile as it can get. One can only assume that the intent of this particular show is to feed the voyeuristic nature of society. What amazes me is the fact that so many people look forward to watching these D-grade wannabe-actors cavorting about naked and semi-naked and engaging in the most lewd behavior. Is that entertainment? I don’t think so.

    There is another option that you could add to the list above – sleep. It would be far more beneficial.

    Just to let you know – yes, I have watched snippets of this garbage. I suffered through several short segments just to see what so many other people were so enamoured with.

    So for all those people who have been mesmerized by this assault on our intelligence, might I suggest this alternative:

    Go to your local bookstore and purchase a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Next time you get the urge to watch such turgid rubbish read a chapter of this wonderful book. It will put you streets ahead of the voyeurs.

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