Chlorine Water Filters

Chlorine enters your body during the time you are taking a shower. It enters your body through your skin pores. Toxic fumes from gas and by products go in your lungs from the steaming shower. In one report from the “Science News says you inhale enough pollutants in a ten minute shower to equal drinking a gallon of polluted water. It gets rid of protein from your hair and skin. It bothers the eyes, causes itchy skin, and dandruff. It makes hair dry and sometimes it will even smell. This is why we are asked to wear swimming caps when we are swimming.

Today, chlorine is the method used in killing bacteria in water supplies. This process of killing bacteria is now causing a different kind of dangerous pollutants. It was first used in WWI as a poisonous gas. Then it was adapted for civilian use to kill bacteria in your water. Now, are you drinking from a swimming pool? This chemical produces an awful smell, and can kill helpful bacteria in your intestinal track.

Chlorine combines with organic, carbon based pollutants from industries and your environment and forms a chemical called trihalomethanes(THM). According to a Norwegian study by Dr. Per Magnus of the Natimane Institute of Public Health, Oslo, THMS have nurtogenic and carcinogenic effects. Dr. Magnus found that the use of chlorine leads to14% increase in overall birth defects. Another study conducted by the California Department of Health Services that used 5,144 pregnant women. The women who drank five glasses of TMH contaminated water had a 16.4% rate of miscarriage as compared to 61% rate of those who had low levels of TMH’s in the water.

These chemicals and families of chlorinated hydrocarbons have been linked to heart disease, and cancer of the bladder, liver, pancreas, colon, and urinary tract. Now, you have the disinfected by products arising concern that water used in baths, showers, dishwashers and washing machines my add to indoor pollution. Chemicals coming from chlorination of water become airborne when passed through appliances in the home. While allowing THM contaminated water used for showers, and toxic vapors are easily inhaled. In some places they are using a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. This brings in another unknown area of concern.

Water filters assist in trapping bacteria and fighting the mold and mildew in bathrooms. They are easy to install by attaching directly to the shower head or replacing it.

Source by Audrey Lewis Jones

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