Colours of India

India is country of vast diversity in terms of history, religion, race, language and culture. Every part of India is different and unique in its own way and in spite of all kinds of diversities; India has been able to remain united and strong. The numerous festivals of India celebrated in almost the whole nation every year is an evidence of the unity of Indians.

The festivals of India play a major role in the lives of every Indian. The major Indian festivals mark a change of season and thus in a way give people a reason to celebrate the advent of the four seasons one by one. The holidays that are reserved for certain festivals all over India gives the working men and women a break from their hectic routine. It gives families a reason to get together and spend time with close relatives which is being lost with time. Furthermore, the celebration of festivals ensures Indian traditions and customs are kept alive. Grandparents and parents relate myths associated with these festivals to their younger generation thereby, keeping the tradition alive.

There are many festivals in India, each has its own legend to share. The festivals typically celebrate events from Hindu mythology, often coinciding with seasonal changes. The major festivals are those that are celebrated by all Indians in spite of all differences amongst them. There are many other festivals that remain restricted to a certain region alone.

Whether it be Diwali- the festival of lights celebrating the return of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita from their fourteen years of vanvas, Holi- the festival of colours, Dusshera – the celebration of good over evil, Onam- celebrated to commemorate the return of Mahabali, Raksha bandhan- celebrates the love of a brother and sister, all of the above mentioned festivals along with a few more form the major festivals of India. Almost every single state of India participates in these festivals and rejoices the victory of the good over evil.

The Hindu festivals are an integral part of every Hindu’s life. The lives of every Hindu in some way or the other remains linked to festivals of India whether they celebrate all or not. There is an innate happiness that one feels for one another during this time and no one can deny the best part of any festival – a day to free yourself from worldly matters and dive into the world of joy, peace, happiness and spirituality for a day!

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