Cricketers Dilemma – Causes of ICT Defeats Part-5

“Indian Cricket Fans would continue to be dismayed;

till Indian Cricket Players feel themselves as Indians”

Am I too vocal in my assertions about commitment and dedication of senior players said my husband when trying to share his views as to what he truly mean Indian? Colonel Som Sharma who himself was good player had said quote “Till the time Indian Players do not feel themselves as Indian, Indian Cricket fans continued to be dismayed and let down” unquote. I did not take his comments seriously but when I saw Kapil Daa quoting similar views, I realized how correct my Husband was? I have also observed that what so over comments he had made, Indian Cricket team performed similar. The moment Indians won first T20WC, he predicted that Indian will win world cup and it proved true later.

I extent my heartiest felicitations to Ponting and his boys who return with more vigor and zeal to avenge T20WC exit in Semi finals. Their performance though had not taught any lesson to Indian players but left many unanswered questions to be explored. I would like to extent my debate on all such issues which are rotting and paralyzing non concern Indian Cricket Player (ICT) and sightless BCCI.

I noticed that three prediction of my husband for every cricket match generally proves true. How, I do not know? First whenever he would comment after observing a player for an over or so as to when he would get out, it really proves true in not in next over; but many a times in the next ball itself the player would be out. Second, he would comment on a particular player’s performance in the match. I feel pride in bringing out to the notice of my readers that he correctly comments on Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag, Ponting, Lara, Hyden, Smith and so on as to what is the style of getting out. He was so accurate in World Cup assessment that he jotted on a piece the inner edge bolding out of Sachin and Dravid, snick ball catch out of Ganguly and out of way ball tempering habit of Sehwag of over shoulder bouncer. Thirdly, he very categorically said that India would not win World cup 2007 due to Team’s Internal Personality Clashes (TIPC), which was brought out by the India TV and Aaj Tak news channels repeatedly after a month of shameful exit of Indian Cricket Team (ICT) from World Cup..

I would debate the ICT on and off very depressing performances, anger and hatred of Indian Cricket Fans (ICF) with just one question in mind as to:

Why Indian Cricket Players have rarely performed when ICF wanted?

Kangaroo’s perfect ball’s line and length have not only ripped apart Indian star Acers long batting line but also had hammered Indian bowlers with flat bat out of shape. If I do not count Aussies intentional 30 Wides to avoid boundaries, than ICT had achieved the ever lowest score feats against Kangaroos.

What is this?

Why BCCI is paying such heavy money because it is no one’s Baby?

Why can not BCCI or Government of Indian and other countries can evolve a policy to use abundance of money collected through tickets for upliftment of poor and needy?

Why can Cricket Boards (CB) be questioned for throwing away money to even non performing player?

I suggest that

· One; there is need to carry out internal budgeting;

· Two external audit of all income generated from Cricket matches;

· Three distribution of funds:

· Limit of awards and perks to players;

· Gift hamper to viewers and fans after a final match;

· Less expenditure on show biz;

Why can not BCCI or other CB donate five percent of every match income to Prime Minster Relief Fund of each country?

Why can not CB under take various disaster supporting packages rather than dumping money in banks and giving unwanted incentives and perks to players or others?

ICT had to understand that while ICT is intoxicated with T20WC, the Kangaroos are determined to avenge loss of prestige. How we won Chandigarh match I was myself surprise because I was predicting 6-0 series loss. Let me hope that ICT end up achieving respectable looser series 4-2.

After lot of support of my viewers and their various issues, I would like to record important observations that despite ICT having world’s most of the records holding players as to why ICT is always losing disgracefully from past some times.

· One main cause is poor fielding and poor physical health. How do you expect out of shape ICT player to match Ponting or Lee

· Bad physical health of seniors

· Next important issue is Lack of Killing Spirit (LOKS);

· Other Cause is attributed to too many Catch Drops;

· Yet another cause is missing run out chances by poorly Wicked Aimed Throw (WAT). ICF would agree that most of the throws of Indian Players from boundaries are not wonky or hay way by an inch or feet; but goes far off;

· Another cause of losses what I called TISC (Team Internal Simmering Conflict). This attribute of ICT is clearly evident in all the matches. Ever since any senior player is selected, the TISC overtakes team spirit. It needs to discussed with each senior players and removed otherwise ICT would suffer and ICF would be let down in each crucial match;

· Most important cause of ICT losses is the Lack of Nationalistic Will (LNC);

Notwithstanding the above, I would also analyze a few other differences which

are very obvious.

First difference is the LOC (Lack of Cohesiveness)

Second trait is the Lack of LDC (Espirit-de-Corps) what I have seen in Army when my husband participate in organized sports;

Third: Lack of KASS (Killing and Struggling Spirit);

Fourth Lack of Senior players SOC (Sense of Commitment);

Fifth, Lack of WOW (Will to Win); and

Sixth Lack of DOD (Do or Die).

If ICT and BCCI will not take my above noted “Sixer of Difference” (SOD)

Seriously, the Indian Cricket Fans (ICF) world over would continued to be dismayed by dismal performances of Indian Cricket Icons (ICI).

Let us hope ICT win at Nagpur or looses with grace.


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