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RRS or Rich Site Summary, comes from way back 1995 out of the old RDF Site Summary that a guy named Dan Libby created with Mr. Guha at Netscape ( Up to the present, there have been numerous changes in the structure of these types of files, to arrive at what we have now RSS Feeds also called Really Simple Syndication feeds to deliver internet content today.

These files (RSS feeds) are XML formatted plain text and are easily read both by robots and humans, can be retrieved by protocols http or ftp used by reading software to give the end user a neat display of the content.

Imagine RSS feeds like when you are reading a newspaper, concentrating only on reading the headlines to stop on the subject that you want to read further in depth. You are not interested in reading the whole newspaper because it would take a long time to do. Similarly, these files saves you time by not visiting so many sites to know their latest content.

When you go to the RSS Feeds website, they offer you 100% delivery of your content to end users who subscribed to receive your information. And many types of sites can receive the XML files, like blogs, news sites, networks and databases.

So who uses RSS feeds now? Virtually everybody that wants to put information out about their services and products. If you want to distribute your content to your end users to market your products, RSS feeds are a convenient way to get your info delivered.

And what content can you deliver via RSS feeds? Well, all types of content really, updates, announcements, articles, blog posts, software, news updates, press releases, emails and more, even radio shows, and bank percentages updates. Educational institutions also use such files to communicate exam changes and regulations.

Their feeds can be categorized and programmed to reach your subscribers at the correct time when they use their auto-responders to deliver the right marketing messages, so your customers are automatically updated at the correct time.

Whole blogging communities were introduced to RSS feeds and embraced the technology because of the benefits they have experienced using them. Bloggers now use this technology to keep informed rather than having to visit many different sites to gain the same information.

It is not just the blogging community that favor RSS but a whole range of big companies from the mighty Google to the most basic blog, simply because of its ease of use and efficiency.

Another way of enhancing your website, when it is a niche site, well themed about golf shoes, for instance, is to incorporate RSS feeds on the same subject. This way, the website is continually being automatically updated which the search engines like a lot and index well, without you having to write any new content.

Really the most important thing to mention about RSS feed is that they provide fresh updated content for your blog, which means that search engines spiders, will visit your site more often to spider your new content and with that give you higher rankings. You know that with better placing comes the opportunity of higher revenue.

No wonder SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts give a lot of value to the RSS feeds that bring fresh automatic daily content to the well themed blog around a particular niche, program or product. They are also becoming the choice of different publishers, ezines as well to get the content to their readers.

Add a spark to your marketing passion with the use of RSS feeds to bring targeted constant updates to your sites which your visitors are going to like as well as Google! and other search engines too when they spider your websites.

I’ll leave you with the fact that only using opt-in email and newsletters to have success in Marketing, is leaving money on the table. Just add RSS feeds to your online efforts because they are easier to use and faster as well as more straight forward to set up to communicate with your prospects.

To your success

German Calvo.

Source by German Calvo

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