DJ Stands For Disc Jockey

DJ stands for disc jockey and there is no doubt about that. Today no party is complete without a DJ or a disc jockey as he is the one who keeps the party going by selecting and playing recorded music for the audience. The term disc had a different connotation in the olden days. But today it means all kinds of music playback, irrespective of the source of the music.

DJ stands for disc jockey as in the person who depends on musical recordings for earning his daily bread. These places could include wedding receptions, bars and night clubs, discotheques, and even at a stadium. One special type of DJ is the radio DJ or the radio disc jockey. The radio DJ’s job description entails playing musical selections as per the playlist selected and provided by the radio station.

The radio DJ is a person who introduces and plays music broadcasted over AM, FM, shortwave, internet radio etc. He works in a small air- conditioned sound proof studio. He is not personally responsible for the music playlist that he plays as the playlist is prepared by the radio station management to target a specific audience.

The job of the radio DJ includes playing music, talking about sports, news, announcing commercials, conducting interviews with musicians and other famous people and even answering calls from the listeners. A person who works as a radio DJ full- time works for either five or six days a week and has to continue talking for four hours at a time. The DJ has to be able to think on his feet as he has to talk without a script many a times. He has a lot of work to put in like preparing a script, writing commercials and even making appearances in public.

DJ stands for disc jockey, but it is not easy to get into the field. Qualifications a radio DJ must possess include having attended classes in broadcast journalism along with a good knowledge of English in both its spoken and written forms and a pleasant baritone. Knowledge about music is an added qualification.

A DJ or a disc jockey plays various types of music. These genres of music cover a wide range from classic rock and light rock to heavy metal, jazz, hip hop and country music. A DJ at a wedding or a party may also double up as the MC as well and makes important or special announcements.

Source by Jimmy Jenkins Ray

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