Do You Trust SCIENCE, Or His Opinion?

Every public health scientist, and expert, states, it is essential to consider, understand, and follow the SCIENCE, and gather, and properly apply, and use, all relevant data, in order to make the wisest decisions, in terms of strategic and action planning! Despite, the fact, President Donald Trump, claims to be a stable – genius, and, seemingly, in nearly, every area of governing, from the military, to financial markets, to the handling of this horrific pandemic, opposes the perspectives, and views, of the experts, even, those, he appointed, especially, when they seem to disagree/ oppose, his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. When he, consistently, downplays the dangers of this virus, refuses to wear a mask, and/ or, encourage social distancing, and, keeps bragging about, how great his performance has been, it presents a clear and present danger, to the safety, well – being, and health, of the public. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. System; serves; solutions; strengths: If it seems, to you, we still haven’t seen, any evidence of a national system, etc, to address this pandemic, and flatten – the – curve! We need to listen, to the experts, and ensure, our policies, serve our common needs, and create viable solutions, using our strengths, addressing weaknesses, and, attempting to minimize risks, and unnecessary exposures!

2. Count numbers; coordinate; create; control: How will we improve the situation, and control, the overall risks, and harms, unless/ until, we enhance our efforts, and testing, in order to accurately count numbers, and understand, our progress, etc? Instead of doing so, President Trump, blames testing on the appearance of more risks, blaming his political opponents, of attempting to perpetuate a political fraud. He has stated, the only reason, we see more cases, is we do so much testing, although, in New York State, which does more testing, per – capita, than anywhere in the world, has experienced a positive – rate, of under 1%. We need the person, who holds the highest office, in our land, to coordinate the efforts of the experts/ scientists, in order to create, a concerted effort, to make us safer!

3. Integrity; ideas; issues: When one changes the narrative, for his own reasons, the public does not receive governing by someone, with the necessary degree of absolute integrity! We need someone, who learns everything, he can, about the issues, and follows expert advisers, instead of consistently, creating doubts! The public benefits, when quality ideas, come – first!

4. Excellence; efforts; experts: When we listen to the experts, our efforts are more likely, to focus on excellence, service, and the well – being, of the public!

5. Needs; nuances: Public health policies must be focused on needs, and address the specific nuances, of the particular challenge, to make things better!

6. Characteristics: Addressing a pandemic, is challenging, even to the experts, but, when our President, follows his personal characteristics, and opinions, instead of fact – based, ones, the public loses!

7. Enhancements; enrich; exact: Don’t we need, and deserve, a better, more exact, approach, to pursuing solutions, than, simply, what one individual, either, believes, or articulates, for any other reason? Experts are aware of the latest enhancement, are capable of putting things, into perspective, use common sense, and focus on the best path, to enrich, all of us!

Close to 7 million Americans, have been discovered, and over 200, 000 deaths, have occurred, from this deadly virus! How many more must have their lives, changed (for the worst), or die, before, we demand, expert guidance, and smarter leadership?

Source by Richard Brody

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