For PM Modi, Winning 2019 Elections Will Be Easy, But He Has to Go a Long Way

Elections of two crucial states UP and Gujarat proved BJP is on a victory march although there are dangers on the horizon. Pandit Vishnu Sharma, the author of Panchatantra advised rulers to be concerned about emerging threats although none is in sight at present. What should be the threats BJP as a PAN India party needs to address? Those who love the party, those who are nationalists, may want answers to this question. Let us check the same.

Tacking Dalit Uprising

First of all, that nation is witnessing the rising Dalit uprising in various parts of India. In crucial states like Gujarat and UP, a section of Dalits voted for BJP that resulted in storming to power during 2017 elections. Now, these Dalits are on the warpath which became more pronounced in January 2018 in Maharashtra where angry Dalits brought nation’s financial capital to a standstill. What does it bode for the party? Even those are avid admirers will admit that BJP may face erosion of vote bank if the scenario continues. The only solution to this problem is creating blue collar jobs for Dalits by promoting hospitality segment, construction, and the like. The engaged Dalits will surely try to improve their living standards from their jobs.

Addressing Farm Sector

The second issue troubling BJP is farm distress. Farmers suffer due to lack of power, water supply, and high yielding seeds. Let us consider lack of power supply first. To get rid of the power supply, the nation has to depend on solar energy, and for that India should buy solar panels from China. Today, what is happening is a frequent military standoff between two countries due to ego issues. In fact, a war with China will not be advantageous for India. On the contrary, if two nations can have a pact for solar power eco-system, our farm sector can be revived, and Chinese businesses will get a fillip. The government can offer cheap power to farmers across India with the help of Chinese technology. Pandit Chanakya spoke on the importance of buying peace if the enemy is strong. We should only go to war if it is imposed, otherwise, it is advisable to explore various means of peace. Economic benefit through a solar eco-system will be of good interest for both nations.

What more to say, farmers need water for irrigation. Artificial rainfall is the ideal option to resolve our agrarian crisis. For that, we should look upon Israel for technology. Partnership in this key area will render hope to the farmers. Artificial rainfall can help our nation come out of erratic rainfall.

Farmers also want high yielding seeds. For decades, they were deceived by seeds offered by the Western nations. Over a period of time, the seeds started giving lesser yield and farmers suffered due to the same. Therefore, we need an indigenously developed seed that gives consistent yield. The government should be pro-active to give a clarion call to the agri-researchers on developing the right seed for our country to make a food surplus land.

Handling Sensitive Reservation Issue

We see more communities asking for reservations. How can the government solve this problem? The solution lies in abolishing reservations for all and creating a meritocratic system. So far, the reservations are out of caste jealousy and lack of opportunities. It is natural that one caste gets irked when other castes enjoying the benefits through reservations. If reservations are abolished, all will be happy. Let everyone create success through merit, otherwise, they become a liability to live in the knowledge economy.

Conclusion and Challenge

2019 elections may not be a cakewalk. When new challenges arise, the government needs to come up with new action plans that are appealing to various segments. Otherwise, there will be chaos, even after a victory in the parliamentary elections. What the nation needs is understanding the root causes and fixing it with timely action plans. Isn’t it?

Source by Sam Arackal

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