Four Differences Between the Cincinnati Enquirer and the NKY Post

There are two local newspapers, the Cincinnati Enquirer and NYK Post, that serve Greater Cincinnati and NKY that are both owned and operated by the same company. While much of the content addresses the same information there are many differences for the readers in both of these geographic regions. Other than possible advertisements for Northern Kentucky photo restoration or Northern Kentucky photo transfer, there are many other major differences between the two papers. Some of these differences occur in the news stories, the event listings, the sports section and the classifies.

The news stories in both of the papers detail the happenings of the day both locally and nationally. While the Cincinnati paper addresses crime and news in the neighborhoods in southwestern Ohio, the NKY paper focuses on all the important issues happening in its geographic area. Both papers will talk about the city government that effects them and all the issues that their taxpayers face. The primary difference is while these papers cover the same types of information, they make note of different people making the news and the various locations where it is happening. They both make the news stories relevant to the specific neighborhoods they serve.

The event listings of all papers are specific to the areas their readers inhabit. Even though Cincinnati and NKY are just a small bridge apart, the event listings in the Enquirer may not include things taking place in Newport or Covington. This is the same for the Post. An event at a church in Burlington may get a lot of press in the pages of the Post and won’t even get a mention in the Enquirer. A reader of these papers who is looking for local events would either have to buy both papers or revert to their websites where all the specific events are listed regardless of where they are happening. These event listing differences apply to fundraisers, festivals, art exhibits, concerts and other family activities.

One of the most popular sections of the paper is the portion that reports on Sports. The Enquire and the Post both have a Sports section that serves their readers very well. The primary difference between these two papers in this area is what sporting events they choose to cover. Typically in the fall the Saturday paper will have a large amount of press dedicated to the high school football games from the Friday night before. The Enquirer will cover all the news and scores of the Elder, St. X and Moeller games, while the Post covers schools in NKY. The readers of each paper want to be educated on the teams and specific players that have meaning and live in proximity to their home.

Lastly, the classified sections of the Enquirer and Post will have listings that are relevant to their specific neighborhoods. For instance, the Post will highlight homes for sale, garage sales and people offering services in the NKY area. It may have some listings for Cincinnati, but it is limited and has less priority than those serving NKY. All information and advertisements in this section of the paper need to be of interest to the bulk of the readers. This means the information has to focus on what is geographically relevant to the reader.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

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