How to Play Fantasy Cricket for Choosing Your Dream IX

Wondering how to play fantasy cricket? Well you do not have to anymore. First of all you need to know clearly what fantasy cricket is all about, before you actually go about playing the game. Fantasy cricket is an opportunity for cricket fans to accomplish their die hard wish of selecting their dream IX. All sports fans always dream of selecting their own dream team, and fantasy cricket is just the perfect opportunity for cricket fans to indulge in their fantasy. Once you know properly how to play fantasy cricket, selecting your dream IX becomes very easy.

Yes, it is true that no one can raise an eyebrow or point a finger at your selection ability, but you need to do this with caution. Yow will be in charge of an entire team, so you must behave and choose your team very responsibly. How your chosen team performs in the field ultimately depends on the players you have chosen and the way they actually perform in the field. So while you choose members for your team, make sure you select the best players.

You can find many sites in the web that give an opportunity for cricket fans to play fantasy cricket. Just because you do not know how to play fantasy cricket does not mean that you cannot play the game. Playing the game is very easy and there are some simple rules that you will have to follow for this. To know more about playing fantasy cricket al you need to do is log on to the site that gives you an opportunity to play fantasy cricket and study the rules and regulations that you need to follow for taking part in fantasy cricket.

You can play fantasy cricket whenever any international tournament is taking place. You will be provided with a list containing the names of all international players who are playing at that point of time. All the players are allotted particular points depending on their current form and ability. Also you will be given a budget point within which you will have to restrict the total points of all the selected members of your team. You cannot exceed the given points. So try and maintain a proper balance among all the players.

Ideally a team should have 5 batsmen 4 bowlers 1 all-rounder and a wicketkeeper. Choosing the wicketkeeper and the all-rounder for the team can be a very tricky affair. Be very careful about this and make sure that you choose an all-rounder who has the ability to bowl and bat really well. Also the wicketkeeper that you chose for your team must have the ability to bat and bat really well. Cricket is a very competitive and if someone cannot perform all the work that has been allotted to them, then there must simply be no place for those players in the playing IX.

Just think about this. You will be in charge of the whole team. It is all up to you to decide which two players will be the opening pair and who will bowl the vital opening spell. Depending on their actual in field performances, their points will be increased or decreased. At the end of the match total points will be calculated and this will determine the winner of fantasy cricket. So winning or losing a game of fantasy cricket all depends on how well you use your cricketing knowledge for selecting your dream team. I am sure that by now not knowing how to play fantasy cricket will never be an excuse for you for not playing fantasy cricket.

Source by Ella Wilson

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