How to Take Care of a Cricket Bat

So you’ve purchased your cricket bat. You have knocked it in. But what should you do to ensure that this cricket bat that you’ve spent a lot money and time on would last a long time? In this article, I would like to discuss further cricket bat care to guarantee a healthy cricket gear life.

First let’s discuss pre-knocked bats. Most manufacturers now make bats that come pre-knocked. But should you still practice running in or knocking in the pre-knocked stick? We think you should. Of course, a pre-knocked bat will not need nearly as much knocking-in as a regular bat. Here are a few tips to preparing your pre-knocked bat; start by a light practice with the pre-knocked bat using old cricket balls, fifteen to twenty minutes of knocking in with a bat mallet on the edge of the bat, this should extend the life of your bat, and finally pre-knocked bats still need oiled with linseed oil.

Once you’ve prepared your cricket stick there are some things that should always and never be done to make sure the bat lasts awhile. To begin, extremely hot weather can be detrimental to all cricket gear. Be careful not to use cheap cricket balls with your higher quality cricket bats. Always store your bat in a cool, dry place, away from moisture. Do not over-oil your bat. And if it happens to get wet, always dry immediately. Also, one should always keep the bat in as close to its original condition as possible. If it is used often, keep it well-oiled, about every three weeks.

Another common practice in cricket is the facing of your cricket bat. Facing is described as a thin, polyurethane sheet placed on the sides, edges and the face. Facing is always under discussion as some find it essential to the life of your bat and others feel it can be harmful to your bat. Some manufacturers feel it protects those areas and other think it affects ping and weight of the bat. The good news is that the material used to face today is much thinner and lighter than it used to be.

In conclusion, it is imperative that one cares correctly for their cricket bat and follows the essential instructions, this will ensure that the cricket bat leads a long life. Cricket can be an expensive game if one is constantly replacing their essential cricket gear.

Source by Lyndea Ward

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