I Am Craving for Knowledge

I am nothing but disabled without awareness of surroundings
It’s amazing to know everything
On the other hand, lack of knowledge is crippling
I do not crave for any template for success
But I crave when somebody who is thirsty does not get adequate food to quench his stomach
But I crave when people are raging a revolution only with the ill intention to hurt others
But I crave when a certain culture mirrors its notions and ideas on gathering reposition
Yes, I crave when anger is uncontrollable even if that means controlling it just for a couple of minutes
Yes, I crave when somebody discourages a needed conflict simply based on own vested interests
I crave when a doted mother is crying for the welfare of her child
I crave when a brave soldier unfortunately has to die in army tank
I crave when I see a person with no such values or proper sense of discipline questions about principles of others
I crave when I see a teacher propagating about wrong unethical religious principles to an innocent child
I crave when there a person shows lack of culture in the name of being liberal or open-minded
I crave when patents do not get cash
I crave when elephants cured by nature tend to disvalue needed cautioned principles
I crave when some professor gives up saying that he won’t be able to make a hero out of a child
I crave when unemployment unfortunately begets blind obsession to worship
I crave when unethical feelings of terrorism overpowers national interest
I crave when I see people shamelessly discussing faulty values to justify their belongingness
I crave when a disabled person has to earn his income through immense hardship given lack of opportunities
I crave when a so-called truth-seeker does not live up to his words
I crave when I see a person known for his integrity nationally forgets everything & takes bribe
I crave when key figures of national politics place their self-governed interests over the interest of the country
I crave when I see politicians have snooped down so low that there is no difference between them and dogs
I crave when I see a CEO refuses to comprehend the values and ethics as followed by the employee & employers of the company
I crave when I see somebody who is able yet does not want to face his problems
I crave when I see that the prime minister even after being aware of the issues troubling his nation do not come forward to solve the problems with needed literal information
I crave when I see people not considering dog bites as something really temporary
I don’t want to join in for the so-called great results underground
I am always into those situations where when somebody comes before you, you make time to meet him
I am calling a hunger strike if I see faulty principles interfering with national interest
I am the crave in times of airstrikes that force people to get down
I am always the crave when nature goes bonkers with no understanding of wellbeing of humanity
I am the crave when sun refuses to radiate in simplicity
I am the crave when earth does not feel responsible enough to take care of its children
I am never the crave for the good of the torturous crimes carried by the intelligent bureau
I am never the crave when they fail to submit report to court
I am the crave when I see a doctor squeezes money from patients in the name of a welfare society
I am the crave when I see a person with no understanding of the values and ideals of the greater sense of the multi-cultural diversity
I am the hunger when I come across shallow fanatic discussions on any ideal in the society
I am the very crave for the worker who is deprived of his deserved daily wage just because he didn’t pay heed to notional principles
I am the crave when a flight is deliberately delayed in the wait of some reputed citizen who isn’t in governance
I am the hunger when I see so many individuals across so many nations are in distress
Yes, I have still not grown up as a man of absolute wisdom yet I am constantly monitoring my own thoughts round the clock to improve my approach and attitude towards life.

Source by Karnati Kiran

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