If You Think Looking For a New Planet is Science Fiction, Think Again

It was a glorious sunny day when I was driving back home from my friend’s house. The road was virtually empty and I was enjoying the breeze having windows wide open.

Since this particular road goes along the fields, you could enjoy green areas and suburban open space. All was well until a car filled with some people passed me. I could not believe, what I saw…

As soon as the car overtook me, the left window opened and a McDonald’s cup was thrown out into the road. Two minutes after, another McDonald’s cup was thrown out yet again. I just want to know: who are the people, who do such things? There is a bin at every McDonald’s location… so there is no need to litter all over the country.

I was always taught to store rubbish until I find a bin. In the past, it did not matter if it was awkward to carry rubbish around. You just would not throw it on the floor. So what changed now?

How difficult would it be to keep the cups in the car until these people got to their destination? Perhaps 5 minutes, as I was on the coast and you could not get any further than the sea. I am sorry to say, but I cannot call somebody littering without feeling deeply ashamed a human being.

Quite often, when I leave my house, I find rubbish scattered on the grass in front of my fence.It is absolutely awful to look out of the window and see all the rubbish being taken out of the bins by children, trees being broken and flower beds devastated. Doesn’t anybody care any more?

Another behaviour which I find absolutely unacceptable is: throwing used pampers through the car window. Yes, I noticed it while travelling on motorway, both in the UK and in other parts of Europe. It is bad enough to use pampers, but it is even worse to throw them in the road…

I am wondering if any of the people using pampers have ever thought how many years it takes for 1 pamper to disintegrate. Probably not. I am happy to admit, that I brought my son up completely on tetra nappies and I rarely used them with my second child. I admit, pampers make life easier, but they are overused. I do not even want to imagine the amount of them buried somewhere in the soil…In Australia, there are pampers recycling companies, somehow, it is not too much of a burden to keep the environment clean and people comply with this specific recycling scheme. Why haven’t I heard about any scheme like this in the UK?

I cannot comment on every council, but mine supplies enough bags to make recycling and throwing rubbish easy. What the residents have to do is to show a bit of appreciation for the place they live in and the environment.

Our planet has limited resources. Once they are gone, they are gone and we may find ourselves having to travel on spacecrafts to find another habitable planet…It is not as much of science fiction as you may think…Ask Stephen Hawking, if you don’t believe me.

Source by Joanna Foss

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