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Kids Education At Home During Corona Isolation!

Schools are closed throughout the state of North Carolina. In our local area predominantly first and second graders are fairly common. Available among us a mature highly qualified unemployed person. He was willing to teach them following the school schedule. About three of the kids in this area is lucky. The kids houses were close by. Memorial day gave them a break.

Yesterday was an engaging class. It is all about riddles and clues. Every pupil contributes actively by proposng the riddle!. If any one desires to answer they simply raise their hand and wait for the permission of the teacher. They were learning about colors. They read that the sunlight is made of seven colors. They wondered how a white light from the sun has seven colors.

The teacher asked them if any one had any guess? There was no reply.

He took a glass prism from his pocket and directed the sunlight on the prism. Voila! There were many colors coming out of the other end of prism.

Every kid was given an opportunity to feel and touch the colors they saw.

The teacher named the colors, as violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The curiosity of the kids left them wondered at the splitting of colors. Individually this unique experience made an impact.. He added that they would learn more about these colors when they go to higher grades.

The class dealt with learning about numbers from one to ten in order.They

use their fingers to count upto ten, and from ten to twenty using toes too. They learnt to add by one’s two’s, three’s, fours, fives and tens. They were taught about ten especially, and also of the idea of digits since the number

10 has two digits 1 and 0. For hundred the digits are three, 100.rudimentar

They were given plain white paper individually. Asked to draw whatever they wanted. The three of them produced more than ten drawings each.Their imagination was recorded in white sheets of paper for the parents to admire the stretch of their imagination. Their superb hand and eye sight coordination came to light vividly. Their cognition level of objects and distance mastery was admirable.

That was a class for riddles. Any one can solve. But there is an order among kids to have a chance to come up with an answer. One of them

asked what numbers start and end in the same place? No answer for a while. One of the three raised the hand. Every one looked. They are the

0 and 8. For they start and end in the same place. The teacher was amused at the smart answer.

Another kid asked have you seen a pot full of rubies? Guess! all the hands went up to answer this question. The teacher this time preferred that the shy kid should answer. The shy kid was ready to take the challenge. This is pomogranate, he said. Every one agreed with the answer in unison.

The evening half an hour was used for stretching exercises, breathing exercises, situps for that age, nothing strenuous and gazing the sky to find cloud formations, their colors, shape, learning about rain bearing clouds, thunder and lightening. Feel the fresh cool air and smell the fragrance of garden flowers nearby.

Many a rudimentary prekinder and kindergarten schools sprouted to reach out to the upcoming generational education needs locally to the best of their ability and resources availalble. This a peaceful local societal progress

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