My India My Pride

India-the 5000 years old civilization stands rock firm and growing with the pace of time. From the edifices of Mauryan Empire to the recent Mall culture, we have always evolved with time and if the reports of CIA are to be believed, we will be the second largest economy in world by 2025.

The villages of India are now more independent and organized. If not all, most of them are well connected to nearby cities and town. While agriculture still remains the mainstay of economy, the practices and method of doing it has become more scientific. The farmers no longer limit their agricultural activities to their dietary requirements but strive to make profit out of their labor.

The life in Indian cities has changed affecting the socio economic and cultural paraphernalia of households. The gazettes like refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners, which were considered privilege of rich and affluent are widely seen in an average middle class family. The vision towards life has totally changed and most of the Indians want today to lead rather than being leaded.

Life in metros has undergone paradigm shift and the metro India is much different from the rest of India. Today in Indian metro cities, dawn breaks for sure but there is no end to the nights. The MNC culture dominates the traditional Indian culture and lifestyle is much more dynamic and enterprising. It is not surprising to see a youth of 25 or 30 successfully running his/her own company with wide clientèle overseas.

The corporate has strengthened their economic vision and at the same time become socially more responsible. The management no longer believes in hierarchy and the gaps between the employer and employee are bridged by merit and performance. No wonder, debates over poverty lines and unemployment issues have been replaced by challenges to become global market and super power.

India is poised, celebrate the change, toast the surge and seize the opportunity to lead the world. Cheers India, long live Indian spirit and up go the Indians.

Source by Ritesh Tanu

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