Different Types of Leaflet Distribution

Selecting a leaflet distributor depend upon the type of leaflet distribution your company wants to do. There are three main types; ‘Solus’, shared and with newspapers.

a. Solus Distribution:

This method of distribution is recommended by majority. This is because in solus distribution the leaflets are distributed solely and not in bundle with any other company’s flyers or pamphlets. This gives a full viewership to your leaflet and therefore creates better brand awareness. Your customers don’t get distracted by competitors’ leaflets like in shared distribution. Solus distribution is also easier to target to a specific market. However solus distribution costs more than shared and with newspaper distribution.

b. Shared Distribution:

This is a low cost option for the leaflet delivery. In this your leaflet is sent with four or five leaflets from other companies. Chances are that you leaflet impact might be reduced because of the other leaflets. Also some companies don’t give any assurance that your leaflet won’t be bundled with your competitor’s leaflet. So unless you are sure that this wouldn’t happen shared distribution can be used to save some extra money.

c. With Newspaper:

Here the newspaper delivery companies put your leaflets inside the newspapers and then deliver to their customers. This is again cheaper than shared and solus distribution but the impact is again minimized due to clutter. Most of the time, the flyers will fall out when the paper boy throws the newspaper and therefore won’t be read. Sometimes the newspaper readers wouldn’t even bother to look at the flyers since they are more interested in reading the newspaper so the leaflets will end up in trash without any viewing.

Based on the type of distribution you can select the type of leaflet distributor but always remember never go for cheap untrustworthy leaflet distributors. Which type of leaflet deliveryis good? Well solus distribution seems more of a better option out of the three because it gives your leaflet a full chance for good impact on the receiver. Shared and with newspaper you can save extra costs.