Guide to Various Types of Outdoor Business Signs to Market Your Company

Business signs are crucial for any business as a way to increase awareness about its brand, business, and services to its target audience. However, they are available in such huge variety of size, shape, and applications that it gets truly mindboggling for any business house to select the most appropriate signage for themselves. Whether you go for vinyl banners or fabric-faced signs or metal signs, the choices are endless. To help transform your signage dream into reality by making the right choice, we present the pros and cons of popular types of outdoor sign to choose from.

A-frame signs

A-frames are a versatile portable, inexpensive and classic alternative to effective advertising. Very easily noticeable, they are terrific to place on sideways to maximum exposure and helping direct your potential customers. They are also easily customizable which adds to its advantage. On the flip side, these signs are not large enough and thus not meant for long distance. They are also not tall enough to catch the eye of farfetched customers.

Back-lit signs

A little expensive, they are very justifiable as they can easily make all your advertising and informational messages easily readable in any setting and any light throughout day and night. Varied color and lighting techniques are used here such that the logo and messages are clearly displayed, and the customers cannot help but get attracted to it. They can also be displayed in a variety of options. If we look at its downside, its locations play a very crucial role since a bad spot will kill its effect. Similarly, its color choice and design is also critical as they are illuminated by light.


Terrific for all occasions, banners can be used for all kinds of events and indoors as well as outdoor advertising. They are easily customizable with carried aids and graphics and have a very broad reach. Due to this, they are a very popular choice. On the flip side, they are extremely bulky and thus are a little difficult to pin up or take down. Designing it can be trifle challenging of done on own. They are also not a long term purpose and ideally used just for a few hours to few days.

Channel letters

Being three dimensional, modern and very individual, Channel letters tend to stand out in the crowd. Their sides have aluminum, and their backs can have either aluminum or acrylic. Even their faces have acrylic or vinyl cut acrylics. While they look eye-catching during the day, they look really impressive during the night especially with LED lighting which can be easily built into the letters. The lights can be used to create a halo effect as well. These can be easily mounted directly to a building as well as adhered to a carrier as well. For its downside, it is expensive than most other options due to the simple fact that it is handmade. Some letters can be computer generated, but they cannot match the quality of the hand-made option. Again its installation takes some time as the letters have to be wired together. The installer has to weave the wires in and out of the wall where they are installed. Sometimes some extras also need to be installed with it. Another disadvantage with this signage is that in case any change is required, one cannot use or modify the old one. You need to build again from scratch. Again, if you are using halo lit channel letters, they can only be pinpointed which hikes your installation costs.

Electronic signs

Programmable, personable and futuristic, electronic signs are terrific to make any company stand out. The best thing about them is the ease with which they can be used to communicate multiple messages without printing off a different sign. Their biggest drawback is that they are quite expensive and require a lot of maintenance. They need to be repaired immediately when they break. Their life span also decreases in colder climates.