How to Create Attractive Signage For Your Retail Store

Why are my retail store signs not as effective as I expect them to be? Many retail store owners want a satisfactory answer to this question. Commercial signs fail to generate the expected results when they lack personality and purpose. If you are wondering why your indoor or outdoor store signs are not attractive and effective, follow these simple tips to fix this problem:

Create simple and clear message

Signs must be placed at front and center when your objective is to promote products. Your customers should be able to understand your message. Good retail signage tells customers everything they need to know in order to make a purchase decision. First of all, make your signs attractive enough that they grab customers’ attention and make them read your message. Take an example of a great marketing email. It’s the subject line that makes people ignore or open the email. Similarly, your signs must have the power to make your audience sign up.

Use easy-to-read font type and size

Small details do matter when it comes to designing advertising signage. Every element of your commercial signs needs to be spot on. Clear font characters will make it easy for your readers to quickly browse through your message. If your customers can’t read your message quickly, they will simply move on. Try out fonts that are easy to read.

Personalized approach works

People like to read marketing material when it talks directly to them. They buy when they visualize themselves using your products. To make this happen, use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your content. It will strengthen your signage in terms of clarity and personalization.

Be as precise and catchy as possible

Modern consumers have incredibly short attention span which means you have just a few seconds to convey your message. It is not a right approach to fill a retail store sign with plenty of text. Try to deliver your message in a short, interesting, and clear line. Remove all the unnecessary words and keep your message short and meaningful.

Don’t hesitate to experiment

It is probably difficult to design a perfect retail store sign the first time. Feel free to experiment and figure what works best for you. Ask your friends or customers to provide feedback on what they think about your new sign. Improve your signs based on that feedback.

Consult a reputable signage company to get converting indoor signs for your retail shop.