LCD Enclosures – The Ultimate in Outdoor Vandal Proof TV Enclosures

When you invest in placing a television in an outdoor location, you have to bear in mind that someone, who may be upset and it could be drink related, may try to either damage the TV or steal it! Normally when they fail at stealing the unit, they damage it beyond repair, due to the attitude, “If I can’t have it, no-one can.”
Now there are lots of weird and wonderful ways to protect an LCD or plasma display, especially when they are integrated into some sort of digital signage solution. The last thing a digital signage integrator needs is having to revisit site to replace a damaged display.
Well there are 3 options open to them:
Option 1 To only put a TV outdoors, when it is protected and in a low risk area, were there is little is any foot traffic at out of hours times. This minimizes the advertising opportunities for digital signage.
Option 2 To buy an anti vandal TV, that is specifically designed for un manned, high risk areas. These can be expensive, sometimes as much as 10 times the price of a standard LCD display. However some even offer NEMA 4X and IP65 protection.
Option 3 This option is to purchase an anti vandal TV enclosure, this is a specially designed and manufactured HDTV case, that protects the internal electronics from vandalism and theft. The units are manufactured with concealed hinges, so the only way into the outdoor TV enclosure is via the high level secure locks on the front door.
Now with more and more correctional facilities increasing their occupancy, more and more facilities are being refurbished and they are also looking for anti ligature TV enclosures, these units’ help to keep the inmate from harming themselves, whilst also protecting the television from vandalism.