The Differences Between Engraved Pens and Imprinted Pens

Custom logo pens are generally available from most leading pen manufacturers and are an effective branding and advertising tool. Personalized pens are also very popular as corporate gifts and at important events such as weddings and reunions. These types of imprinted and engraved pens can carry either a logo or message on the body of the pen, and are available in a wide range of colors, fonts and styles.

There are 2 methods for getting logos, text or artwork on promotional pens: imprinting and engraving. Imprinting, also called screen printing or silk screening uses a stencil to transfer ink directly to the body of the pen. An extremely versatile and relatively inexpensive method, screen printing is sometimes preferred over engraving pens especially because its ability to print on many different types of surfaces and the almost unlimited choice of colors. Since the surface of the item imprinted does not need to be printed with pressure, screen printing is a perfect solution for items that are not flat, including pens and mugs.

Unlike screen printing, laser engraving does not directly apply the ink to the surface. Instead, the engraving is created by beams of light from a laser equipped with a narrowly focused lens allowing for very intricate and precise designs. The result of engraving is a surface that is etched or burned in with a permanent representation of your artwork, logo or text. And since no ink is used, there’s no concern that the artwork will deteriorate over time. Since engraving does not apply any ink, the resulting color of the engraved area is usually the underlying color of the pen. Generally, a metal pen is preferred for laser engraving.

So, is there a preferred method of getting artwork, logos and text on your promotional products? Both imprinting and engraving provide outstanding quality and only differ based on what you’re looking to achieve.

And the great news is that you don’t have to worry about choosing which method. The manufacturers of promotional imprinted and engraved pens and other ad specialty products know which method works best with each of their products, ensuring that you’ll always have the highest quality representation of your logo or message on your promotional pen products.