Paris Hilton Back In the Lime Light

Paris Whitney Hilton or Paris Hilton was born on the 17th of February 1981 to Kathy and Rick Hilton. The famous granddaughter of the renowned Conrad Hilton – founder of Hilton Hotels, she was born with a silver spoon. With a strong ambition to make an impact on her own she has been successful in all her ventures and has a successful career to boast of.

With dreams that were very different from being heir to the Hilton group, Paris could not be held back by the traditional ideas of a career and after high school she went on to make a jump start with a modeling career. At the age of 19 being the face for many of the big brands, success was soon hers.

A multi – faceted personality, Paris Hilton was not contented with modelling alone and splurged into the movie world. Paris Hilton has successfully dabbled her many careers from being a model, actress, and singer to a businesswoman. Her films include Wishman (1991), Sweetie pie (2000), House of Wax (2005), The Hottie and the Nottie (2006) to name a few. From small roles to being the main lead, Paris Hilton has made her mark in the movie world.

Turning to a career in music, Paris Hilton [] has recorded and released several singles. Her music titles (singles) include Turn it Up, Stars are Blind to name a few. The year 2006 saw the release of her self-titled album “Paris”. She has to her credit a perfume and jewellery line too and has proved her credentials as a businesswoman.

A style statement, her extravagant and ostentatious lifestyle has continued to keep her in the news and a favourite with the papparazi. With many of her high profile relationships, Paris has been the talk of the town.

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Paris Hilton – the actress, singer, model, socialite has made a niche for herself and is known for living life on her terms absolutely the way she desires. The heiress to the million dollar fortune of the Hilton group, Paris has made the headlines several times what with her sex video scandal and media hyped relationships.

A beauty Paris Hilton is known for the lifestyle. She continues to have a huge fan following and rule the hearts of many across the world. Visit for some beautiful pictures of Paris Hilton and to know all you wanted about your star.

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