Some Details About The US Immigration Medical Examination In India

US Consulates outside of the United States of India too issue visas. For example, the Hyderabad Consulate in India issues only non-immigrant visas, while the ones in Delhi and Mumbai issue both – immigrant as well as non-immigrant visas. A major development however is that those immigrant visa applicants from the states of Orissa, Telangana or Andhra Pradesh who had to get their immigrant medical checkup done only in Mumbai or New Delhi can now get the same done in their home states, instead of having to travel to these 2 places.

A Panel Physician has been appointed by the U S Consulate General of Hyderabad who is authorized to conduct the Immigrant Visa Medical Examinations for all those immigrant applicants who stay in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Orissa. The physician can be contacted if one needs more information about the immigration examination procedure or if the applicant wishes to schedule an appointment.


As all visa applicants are required to go through a medical examination that is conducted by a Consulate-approved Panel Doctor the visa applicant is advised to contact the relevant physician in his/her state and have an appointment fixed.

The reports of the medical are valid for around 6 months from the date of the examination and have to be re-done if they expire before the visa interview is held.

Generally there will be 2 appointments on two separate days for the medical examination. The first one will consist of x-rays and blood tests. These will be usually held in the morning, and the second day involves a review of the previous day’s tests and results. The physical examination will also be conducted on this day. Any remaining documentation will also be completed. Additional vaccines may also be prescribed by the Panel Physician if needed.


TO THE LABORATORY: The applicant’s passport and notice regarding the appointment for the interview along with complete vaccination records of all family members and 3 visa-type pictures of each family member have to be carried along.

TO THE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: The applicant’s passport along with interview date notice, and medical and vaccination records of each and every family member will have to be carried. 1 visa-type picture of each and every family member will also have to be carried along, to the physical examination.

The reports of the medical examination will be handed over by the physician to the applicant. These records will have to be brought along to the Consulate General’s office where the interview of the Immigrant Visa is going to be held.

Source by Soumya Joshi

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