Strengthening Solidarity of the Manipuri Community

Two Manipuri girls attacked at the Gateway of India! Once I heard the breaking news from some agency, my world shattered. I called up our correspondent in Mumbai to know details. Two Manipuri girls! Who cares to ponder? Was it Meitei, Kuki, Naga or Pangal? The unfateful incident would strengthen solidarity of the Manipuri community.

It was unfortunate evening for our two daughters, Laeschichon Shaiza and Nagakuimi Ralang. When time is for giving a fitting reply to the highway blockers and anti-Manipuri illiterate group, the united Manipuri group stand with the Naga community this time.

We are human and cares for the mankind. It hurts a lot when the same irresponsible Naga group kept the state at ransom for daily essential commodities. Why are they alienating themseleves from other communities? The world condoles for two girls today. Why they don’t feels same cord for the lost of inhuman massacre of June 18?

Of course, media papers are flooded with condolence and message for uniting the whole North East people as one. This is the right time to go deeper into our feelings and sentiments of standing united.

If every human being, that deserves this brotherhood and solidarity, condemns Mumbai killing and condemns any racial discrimination wherever it comes from, is condemnation enough? Did condemnations stop or will stop the hardship faced by North East people?

Only condemnation over foregone events won’t solve our problems. We must stand firm, strengthening our solidarity of the Manipuri community.

When will the Naga brothers seriously pressure the agitating group to engage political and socio-economic reforms in entire North East? When will the Meities carefully listen to Naga brothers and bring us the needed strong and united support? Neither of them will get the shares of their happiness as long as they divided. Time will go away unsolving conflicts.

Let us pray that Mumbai incident never repeat again! But, we all know, crimes like this will happen again and again. Neither the murder was not the first, nor it won’t close the inhuman torture on our ethnicity by the mainland people.

Unforgivable crime committed in broad daylight, yet easily escaped in the name of a maniac. Was culprit Ujair Patel really insane or crazy still shrouds mind of every Manipuri?

Cruel animal that slit the throat of a Manipuri girl and injured her friend reported to have confessed that he could not remember killing anyone. It boils my fists to read his statement, “Did I attack them? I don’t remember killing any girl.”

Amidst so much love-hate relationship with the mainland people, one photograph keeps us numb. A day after the incident, the Times of India, Delhi Edition carried a photograph showing a non Manipuri caring for the injured manipuri girl. What a meaningful message it was? Can viewer now sidelined the fact that there’s kind people who accept North Eastern people as their own!

Even the culprit’s father said he was shocked that his son had killed someone. He was keen that Uzer be punished severely. “He killed that innocent Manipuri girl, he should be punished soon,” he added.

The naga community should realise a hard fact of the future. Things are still controllable now, but they are only going to get worse, unless we all unite and change our feelings towards each other. It is really sad but true!

No good purpose can be achieved by such an indiscriminate and cruel use of criticising one another. We always express deepest sympathy at the death and suffering of every community.

In the present uncertainties, we look to all community leaders – naga, meitei, kuki, pangal, non manipuri and other small groups to give an example of wisdom, tolerance and compassion.

Need of the hour is to work together in order to acknowledge our differences, to affirm our common humanity, and to seek ways to share life together. Much has already been achieved, and nothing must undermine the progress that we have made.

Mumbai incident should strengthen our determination to live together in peace, and to grow together in mutual understanding. This must also inspire us to work unceasingly together in pursuit of peace, justice and respect for difference.

Source by Mohen Naorem

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