Technology Cannot Defeat International Terrorism? WTF

Some people believe that the United States of America cannot win the war on Terrorism no matter what technological advances we have. These people believe that our Laser defense shield and airborne laser weapons are nothing and will not help us beat the enemy murderers who target innocent civilians. One gentleman using the screen name of Buddha came to our online think tank to tell us this and he stated;

“Technology is just a tool to help him… and the defense shield you talk about is a useless piece of republican propaganda used to try and scare the Chinese… lets not forget that propaganda is another tool of war.”

Propaganda is a tool of war and unfortunately it has gotten the best of your grasshopper. Do not believe what Al Jazeera or the BBC says about what the United States is about. The United States is the biggest gifter to the poor of the world and the most philanthropic nation in the world with personal individuals who have given more to the common good than most all other nations. I would recommend that you study up on that and further more recommend that you never forget one of the sayings we have in the United States of America;

“Do not mistake our acts of kindness for a sign of weakness”

and I will add to that;

“Because nothing on this pale blue dot, could be further from the truth”

The United States of America, will not be threatened by the world of International Terrorism and we are not a nation of weakness, we are a nation of individuals who possess power of the mind, will and inner strength and together we will be victorious on the war on terror. We will pre-emptively go after any and all nation states supporting international terrorism and will never back down. Tell your international terrorist friends; You do not know who f*cking with. Don’t play games.

And as far as China, well they are a good 20-years behind us in technology and they cannot even steal it as fast as we are creating it. They only have 2,600 spies in the US now (yes we know who they are) and we have some 1 million researchers; 250,000 of which are linked in with the Department of Defense. Check facts before you blow smog on this website Budda (fatso). And folks that is what I think of that, so if you know any international terrorists out there send them a good bye kiss for me, as their days are numbered indeed. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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