The Clash of the Brahmins

The Ayyars and Ayyangars tug of war.

The word Brahmin involves all those of uppermost caste people in India, who claim that they re the chosen of God. If anyone worship a Brahmin, he is not worshiping a human being; instead he is worshipping God incarnate. Should anyone serve or offer alms to a Brahmin then he is doing them to God himself. These are the beliefs that are in calculated in the minds of all other people, especially, in the lower caste people. So that, 5% of the Indian population have mentally enslaved the entire Hindu population.

Who are the Brahmins?

The Brahmins are the “Aryan” invaders of India, thousands of years before. They were the first known invaders of India as recorded in the history of India. Nowhere in the world had the invaders enslaved the people of a country for such a long time and continue to dominate all other people until today.

The divisions among the Brahmins

The main divisions among the Brahmins are the Ayyars and the Ayyangars. A thorough study of these two groups will give the reader the correct knowledge of their gods, writings, families, culture and above all the century old concealed rivalries between them to attain power and influence.

The racial differences

Ayyars are by physical composition more direct descendants of Aryans invaders than the Ayyangars. The former have fair complexions, long noses and the physical features of Aryan race similar to that of Germans, Iranians, etc.

Ayyar Brahmins claim racial superiority over all other people in the world like Hitler and the Nazis of Germany did. The Ayyars are fire worshippers like the Parsis / Zorastrarians.

Whenever Aryans are living the Sanskrit language is offered to the status of their mother tongue. They used to make foolish claims that all the knowledge is found in Sanskrit literature so that every body must learn Sanskrit to seek knowledge. But Sanskrit is a dead language, neither being spoken nor used in writing. If all knowledge is found in Sanskrit scriptures, why should the Brahmin study sciences in English and European languages? It is only to fool other people. By this they would hold control over the other people.

But Ayyangars in general by physical composition are not Aryans by facial qualities. They look like the original inhabitants of India by having dark and semi dark complexions. Ayyangars are found more in the southern part of India whose mother tongues are the respective state languages, like Kannada, Tamil, etc. Moreover they do not accept Vedas like Rig, Yajur etc. Instead Tamil Ayyangars have Tamil religious poems like Tiruppavai, Thiruvembavai etc. In worship also Tamil is widely used in Temples. In addition to this they are never opposed to the use of Tamil in Temple “Archanai” or propitiations?

On the other hand, Ayyars of Tamil Nadu went up to the Supreme Court of India to establish the supremacy of Sanskrit and prevented the use of Tamil in Temple propitiations of deities. Apart from that Ayyars don’t claim any superiority of race and Sanskrit like Ayyars. The four Vedas of Ayyars are not the scriptures of Ayyangars in the sense that nowhere the name of the Ayyangars deity is found in them.

Different Acharyas

For the Ayyars Shankaracharya is the Guru (teacher) of of worldly as well as temporal like where as Ayyangars discredit Shankaracharya. On the other hand they have Jeers of various mutts as their leaders. The rivalry between Shankaracharya and Jeers came to the surface in 1988 in Tamil Nadu during the “Kumbabisheham” (watering of temple tower) of Ranga Natha temple tower at Sri Rangam, in Tamil Nadu.

The Jeer of Ranganatha temple fixed one date for the above ceremony. But the Kanchipuram Shankaracharya postponed the date of function by his influence with the then Chief Minister, Mr. M.G. Ramachandran. Enranged by this intrusion, the Jeer had thrown a challenge to Shankaracharya as well as the Chief Minister by declaring that the function would be held on the fixed date whatever might be the outcome. True to his words, he celebrated the ceremony on the same date to the shame of Shankaracharya and Chief Minister. Ayyangars Jeer could not accept Ayyar Shankaracharya even though Ayyars and Ayyangars are generally called Brahmins. Moreover, the Ayyangars news magazine “Vaishnava Sundaraman” has revealed all the fraud perpetrated by Kanchipuram Shankaracharya.

Different Gods and their worship

Ayyar Brahmins worship Indra, Siva and all other Hindu Gods except the deities of lower caste people.

But Ayyangars worship only Vishnu and his Avatars (incarnations, 12 in number) and they never worship any god other than Vishnu.

Not only that, the Ayyangars feels that it is a great sin to even witness Siva and other deities. Temples of Ayyars and Ayyangars are distinctively different. It is always said that Ayyangars Brahmins throw away the Banana leaves on which they eat food at the gate of Siva temple.

Very rarely, the deities of Ayyars and Ayyangars are found in one temple complex. E.g. Nataraja temple at Chidambarm. It is interesting to note that the Ayyangars hide their sights while they enter into the temple from falling onto Ayyars deities.

Ayyar Brahmins original god in Veda is Indira. The concept of trinity in Hindu religion is a later innovation. Some attributes Siva, Vishnu and Brahma as three different godly person who perform different functions. Ayyars calim Siva, the pioneer among the three, whereas Ayyangars claim that the Vishnu as the pioneer among the three. To substantiate their they have portrayed “Maha Vishnu”, a macro figure of Vishnu, in whose physique all Hindu gods, the sun, the moon, the earth and planets, human beings and animals are found and from whose navel one part of the trinity Brahma originated.

A different Philosophy

The Ayyar Brahmins take Adi Shankaracharya of Kerala along as their “Guru” and praised as “Jagath Guru” (teacher of the world). It is ridiculous to take him as “Jagath Guru” as his philosophy is ridiculed beyond the frontiers of India who preached division of society on caste basis. He was praised as the incarnation of Siva. Shankaracharya’s philosophy is called “Advaidam”.

But for Ayyangar Brahmins Ramanujar was their Achariyar. This “Dwaidham” philosophy is accepted by one and all of this sect. The differences in their philosophy is so deep routed that they can never converge at any point.

The role of Achariyars

In the history of humanity, pages are full of cruelty perpetrated by Ayyar Shankaracharya and other Gurus over their people. Adi Shankaracharya of Kerala was the Indian Hitler of the middle ages by persecuting Buddhists in such a large number that they had to migrate to different countries and the last remenance of Buddhism were once and for all routed out of the country with such a great vengeance. This was because Buddha was against Aryan Brahmanism culture, philosophy and life which was a total exploitation against humanity.

Following in the footsteps of Shankaracharya we find another Ayyar Brahmins, such as Thirugnana Sambandar, who had persecuted 60,000 Jain Sanyasis by false and fraudulent techniques because Jainism was against Aryan Brahmin philosophy and culture.

Aryan Brahmins Achariyars were not found in perpetrating any genocide on any other community due to the difference in ideology Ayyangars are more cultured than their Ayyar counterparts.

Ayyar Sankaracharya of Puri made a derogatory remark on 22nd June 1988 at Jaipur press conference against Harijans about the disqualification by birth to enter into a Hindu temple. Also his propagation of “Sati” (widow burning) created communal hatred and clashes etc. But no Ayyangar Achariyar has ever made any kind of inhuman remarks. On the other hand one Ayyangar Brahmin has preached Vedas and adorned sacred threads on Harijans and elevated them to the level of Brahmins. It was another reason why Ayyangar are dark an semi-dark in colour and don’t hate their mother tongue Tamil.

In politics also we can glaringly find their roles distinctively. Ayyar Achariyars are prone to political tricks when compared to Ayyangar Achariyars. Almost every well known political leaders in India has contact with Kanchipuram Shankaracharya. Even if it is proved that this tactical role played by that old man in shaping the Indian constitution to their favour. Even the President of India is falling at his feet. Former Prime Minister Mrs. India Gandhi used to visit Kanchipuram to meet the Shankaracharya to met advise and blessings in political affairs as lot of Tamilnadu Ayyar Brahmins are highly placed in Central Government Secretariats upon whom Kanchipuram Sankaracharya has control.

But Ms. Jayalalalitha (Ayyangar), then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu exposed Kanchipuram Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi (Ayyar) in a sex scandal and made him infamous. Some critics says that the root cause is due to the clashes between Ayyangars and Ayyars.

Differences in religious symbols

Ayyar apply cow dung ash on the forehead and over the body in three horizontal lines. But Ayyar Brahmin apply “Nama” (V or Y shaped) on their forehead and over the body.

Other differences

Inter marriages between Ayyar and Ayyangars are unheard off. Marriages rites and rituals are totally different between them.

Even among gods, the Ayyangar god Venkatachariya of Tirupathi is richest when compared to any Ayyar goad. Ayyar Brahmin make a beeline queue in Tirupathi to have a darshan of that deity. But no Ayyangar goes to the Ayyars temple.

Ayyangars are economically richer than Ayyars. There are many industrialists, financiers in Ayyangar community.

Ayyars have taken “Bhagwat Geetha” as one of their scriptures whereas it is only scriptures of Ayyangars.

Source by Dalit Indian

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