The Duty and Meanings of the Master in Chinese Culture

When we refer to Chinese education, Confucius can be a key figure in Chinese education history. His status as a teacher and his education concepts have deeply rooted in Chinese people’s mind, while his fame and his ideas of teaching even spread overseas.

Even today, some leaders in Southeast Asian countries continue to advocate Confucius as a rivalry with modern Western civilization. From “Kung Fu Panda”, people will find it is deeply branded by Confucius educational concepts. In Confucius’s concept of education, he promoted moral education.

At spring and autumn period, with great changes in production relations, the superstructure became a reality and feudal statutes were promulgated in various states to restrict the privilege of slave-owning aristocrats. In view of this situation, Confucius proposed his theory of rule of virtue, advocating enlightenment by means of moral education offered to the ducks and common people, in an attempt to safeguard the Zhou rites-criteria and institutions to normalize and restrict their behavior in the interests of slavery, the patriarchic clan system.

Under the clan slavery in Zhou, the patriarchic system was nothing less than a hierarchical system, ethics was the same as politics, clan power was equal to political power, and monarchical power and patriarchic power were consistent.

Therefore, people who showed filial piety to parents and elder brothers at home would be loyal to monarchs, and vice versa. Confucius advocated filial piety as the foundation of “people” in an attempt to strengthen the patriarchic system-to safeguard the patriarchic system-to safeguard the Zhou hierarchy.

Later, moral teaching becomes one important part of Chinese education which is passed down from generations to generations. In his theory, “benevolence” can be the highest concept of morals. His moral education system based on “filial duty”, be regulated by “etiquette”, constantly pursued by “faithfulness and forgiveness”, and guided by “the Doctrine of the Mean”.

In addition, they promote morals, such as, wisdom.

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