The Rise Of Tyranny

Today, there is a sense of urgency that prevails in the consciousness of many. The world is moving much faster now. The tempo of life is racing so fast there is no time for rationale thinking only reacting spontaneously to the many crisis we face. Years ago in a time of style and grace life moved much slower where the tempo of life responded with a more rationale and collective effort to solve whatever crisis there was.

For the past few years though too many of our urgencies have been manufactured, instigated and manipulated by this present administration solely for the purpose to carry out an agenda purely for capital gain. Yet, so few have seen what is actually happening. Far too many the tempo of life has blinded them from the realization that the times of our lives have been darkened by clouds of deception.

Back in the mid 20th century when the world was engulfed in war we prevailed with a collective effort in eradicating the evil intentions of a ruthless dictator. We found out soon after the seeds of more violent aggression had already been planted. History is written in the blood spilled by mans ignorance and hate. Today, the ignorance of man has manifested more violent terror all over the world.

What we should see now is that mans ignorance stems from the lack of nurturing and fostering an educated public. When people everywhere remain tied to the yolk of oppression where individual freedoms don’t exist the rule of tyranny always keeps them ignorant and humanities fear creates the divisions in societies. One thinks of the quote from FDR “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” is the catalyst for the sum of all fears. It is then that mankind continues to ignite the flames of distrust and anxiety which left unchecked the seeds of hate that have been planted by fear turns brother against brother. Until we understand that the seeds of hate have been planted by mans ignorance there can be no peace.

Ever since the mid 1970’s the United States has seen a decline in academic standards unprecedented in modern times. Far too many of our population have been through an educational system far inferior to the rest of the industrialized world. In the 1950’s through till the early 1970’s we reach academic heights. Since then standards in academics have fallen drastically. The decline in educational standards has resulted in more of our population become less tolerant and more ignorant in a way that only encourages more fear. Too many of us have become too receptive to fear.

Today, when we think about it, it is fear instilled into the public’s consciousness by this Administration in trying to convince the American public that our national security is threatened if we don’t build this boarder wall. Had many of us been more educated we would have realized that all through-out history boarder walls always fail. All this hype that the President uses in trying to convince the public that a boarder wall is crucial for our national security is all based on instilling fear.

Today, we have an Administration and leaders in government that have continued to strip away our freedoms, our liberties and our sovereign rights. Until we educate the public and are taught what our government has done to the American public in ways that seem unimaginable today we will continue to ignorant to what our own government has and is doing to the American public In the course of over 150 years our freedoms have become limited and our inherent rights have almost disappeared.

It is through education and a well informed and participating public that ensures democracy works for the people. And, when our educational system fails in striving to maintain high academic standards that we had 60 years ago has created much of the fear, intolerance and ignorance we are seeing in our society today. Whenever a society fails to reach the pinnacle in academic standards always results in the rise of tyranny and oppression. When that happens the seeds of hate planted by man’s ignorance there can be no peace.

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