Tips on Writing Better Articles

An article is a non-fiction composition based on a certain subject. Subjects can be based on anything from entertainment to politics. Writing style can be objective or subjective depending on the publication and subject matter. Articles can be found in books, magazines, and newspapers as well as online. Types of articles include news articles, features, text, spoken as well as lists, which is what articles that are written in list form have come to be known as.

Here are some tips to set you apart from others. First off, no matter how good your article is, nobody is going to read it if it has a boring impersonal title. Using big words will get you nowhere. Readers do not want to know how big your vocabulary is, they just want the information they are looking for so provide it in an understanding manner. This does not mean you have to use colloquial language though. People are impatient so be brief but don’t leave anything out. Use paragraphs to make the article more readable. Long sentences should be avoided. Bullet points or numbering is a good idea where possible. Lastly, writing your article in a conversational manner and letting your personality show in the article will allow for a connection with your readers. Do it with subtlety as it is not an article about you.

With these tips, you will be able to build a connection with your readers and give them the information they are looking for and who knows maybe even build a following.

Source by Efti Babu

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