Welcome to the "Mundan Ceremony" of Team INDIA

March 17-18, 2007 [The worst days in world of Cricket]

After the bad performance of Team INDIA at West Indies, the cricket followers/supporters/believers are very angry and they are unable to digest the fact that Team INDIA lost the match against Bangladesh. Their anger has gone to such a level that they are not satisfied with burning the postures of Indian cricket players and they want to do something more to attract everyone’s attention. Now, the people of INDIA have started preparing for the MUNDAN Ceremony of Team INDIA. Yes, you heard the right word “MUNDAN Ceremony”. At present, the preparation is being done through SMS which contributes a large part of audience. People have started sending SMS’s to their friends and colleagues after the shocking defeat of Team INDIA by Bangladesh at the grounds of Port of Spain.

You might receive a message from an unknown mobile number that “You will be sad to know that Team INDIA has passed away and Bermuda will be performing the “UTHAVANI” on 19th March and Sri Lanka will be reading the “GARUD PURAN” on 23rd March. And the final step i.e. the “RASAM PAGDI” will be done on 30th March in INDIA. In other words, after the shocking defeat of Team INDIA by Bangladesh, Bermuda will be defeating Team INDIA today and rest of the assassination work will be done by Sri Lanka.

You might also receive an SMS depicting that “U are cordially invited to attend the MUNDAN Ceremony of Team INDIA at INDIA GATE, Please bring UR shoes, sandals and eggs with U.” This means that the person writing and sending such messages wants to include you in his anger and wants to spread his anger to other people as well. You might also find one more SMS roaming on the mobile phones of people that reads “It is to inform all the people that your dear Team INDIA has committed suicide at Bangladesh and tomorrow Team Bermuda will perform the “BURIAL Ceremony”. You can watch the Live at SAB TV.”

Another interesting SMS reads “Someone has kidnapped Team INDIA and is now demanding 50 Crores ransom.” Otherwise, they will burn the whole INDIAN Team with petrol. So, I request all the people to contribute some. I have contributed 12 Litres (even when the rate is so high) and I hope that you will also contribute some. Losing the match from a small Team like Bangladesh indicates that Team INDIA is now completely finished.

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Source by Hemant Gupta

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