Why SCIENCE And Data Matters Most?

Doesn’t it make sense, our nation, and its citizens, would be better – served, and represented, by leaders, who made their decisions, in a manner, which, consistently, balanced the finest aspects of both, their logical, and emotional components, in a head/ heart balance? How can anyone make the right decisions, consistently, unless/ until, he studies, considers, examines, and uses, both the science, relevant to the specific issue/ challenge, and understands, what the data, indicates, and suggests? When, it comes to making important decisions, and, effectively, using strategic planning, to create the finest, action plan, SCIENCE, and data, matter, the most. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and indicates, and why it matters.

1. Service; solutions; sustainable; strategies; stronger: The main purpose, of any public leader, should be to provide the finest, possible, service,. and representation, to his constituents, and this nation! In order to introduce the best strategies, and take the best action, the goal and priority, must be, to create a viable solution, which is, both, relevant and sustainable, and, aimed, at making us, stronger, and better!

2. Clarity, versus, claims: We should realize, by now, the potential dangers, risks, and ramifications, of electing someone, who makes claims, based on his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, or believing, he is a stable genius, who knows more than the experts! Rather, we deserve consistent, honest, thorough, clarity, which clearly explains viable options and alternatives, and proceeds, forward, proactively, to do what’d right, and best!

3. Innovate; imagination; ideas; integrity: If we elected people, with an open – mind, and the ability to fully consider viable possibilities, and innovate, when it makes sense, and combine that, with an imagination, which gives them the ability to think – outside – the – box, we would discover far better ideas! However, unless/ until, voters consider absolute integrity, as a priority, we won’t have leaders, who might make the best choices, etc!

4. Excellence; empathy; emphasis: Good – enough, must never be considered, acceptable, and a great leader must demand his utmost degree of personal excellence, consistently! When the emphasis is, on service and representation, one acquires some of the basic requirements, for genuine empathy!

5. Needs: Public leaders must prioritize the needs, perceptions, priorities, and goals, of his constituents, and the best interests of the nation, instead of, merely, any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

6. Coordinate; create: The last four years, under the administration of Donald Trump, should demonstrate, we need leaders, seeking to coordinate, and improve things, rather than to make empty promises, use rhetoric/ vitriol, and enhance the amount of dangerous polarization, we presently are witnessing!

7. Exact; exist: We can’t afford, public leaders, who, follow – their – gut, rather than the science, and the exact way, it should direct, our strategies, and actions! The existence of this nation, as we know – it, demands this!

SCIENCE and data matters most, and there is no place, for anyone’s alternative reality, when it comes to public service! Wake up, America, and demand better, before it’s too late!

Source by Richard Brody

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